‘I felt ill.’ Brendan Fraser describes sexual assault that nearly made him quit acting.

Remember Brendan Fraser? ten years ago, he was certainly one of Hollywood's greatest stars. Then, he all of a sudden disappeared.

Should you be a child within the late '90s and early '00s, then chances are you saw a Brendan Fraser movie. The comedy and action star catapulted to fame behind blockbusters like "The Mummy" franchise, "George from the Jungle," "Looney Tunes: In Action," and also the Oscar-winning film "Crash."

But after 2008, he largely disappeared from major starring roles. His absence wasn't because of drugs, a sex-scandal, or illness &mdash despite memes as well as reported articles speculating about his career arc, with lots of blaming it on poor opportunities.

Fraser revealed inside a recent interview that the incident of sexual harassment brought him to withdraw from his high-profile lifestyle.

Recently, the actor has progressively came back to more high-profile roles, as well as in a job interview with GQ, he described the real reason he walked away from the spotlight was due to being physically groped by Philip Berk, an old president from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

In the own book, Berk accepted to "pinching" Fraser within the bottom after a celebration, but Fraser states the incident was much worse. "His left hands reaches around, grabs my ass oral cavity, and something of his fingers touches me within the taint. And that he starts moving it around."

"I felt ill. I felt just like a little kid," he told GQ. "I felt like there is a ball within my throat. I figured I would cry."

He stated you're ready to speak out, along with other male victims of harassment support him.

Berk has known as the allegation a "total fabrication" but acknowledges he sent Fraser an apology letter following the incident once the actor complained towards the HFPA. Fraser stated he attempted to bury his feelings concerning the incident, but he was moved into action having seen actresses and actors speaking up only at that year's Golden Globes.

&ldquoAm I still frightened? Absolutely. Will I seem like I have to say something? Absolutely. Have I needed to a lot of, many occasions? Absolutely. Have I ended myself? Absolutely.&rdquo

Despite his reservations, people appear to think, and become genuinely moved by, Fraser's claim. When the target of jokes, Fraser has turned into a catalyst for moving praise across social networking.

He's also earned some public support from actor Terry Crews, that has openly discussed experiencing an identical incident years back.

"Brendan is very courageous in telling this," Crews authored on Twitter. "His assault experience is very much like mine &mdash ending using the assailant explaining away his actions. One man's 'horseplay' is yet another man's humiliation."

Victims of sexual harassment and assault frequently face deep shame and fear in reporting in. Reporting in takes courage.

Reporting in after experiencing harassment or assault is definitely an incredible challenge, frequently filled with professional and personal risk. Though nearly all assaults are against women, men face their very own similar challenges in overcoming shame, doubt, and repercussions for coming forward and reporting in. When men like Fraser and Crews speak out, they assist obvious the road for other men in the future forward using their own tales.

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