10+ Hilariously Disturbing Photos Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up (Add Yours)

After viewing the images, some say that all “untrimmed beards look like pubes” if guys pose like this. Whether or not you think the same, I think we can at least agree that a few sets of googly eyes would definitely go a long way here. Also, someone tried to join the fun with a […]

Sinclair Employees Say Their Contracts Make It Too Expensive to Quit

owns or operates 193 TV stations in more than 80 markets across the country and reaches an estimated 38 percent of households. This weekend, it video montage posted over the weekend by Deadspin showed dozens of Sinclair anchors saying such “false news” is “extremely dangerous to our democracy.”  “The critics are now upset,” Scott Livingston, vice president of news at Sinclair, wrote […]

Why Zuckerbergs 14-Year Apology Tour Hasnt Fixed Facebook

In 2003, one year before Facebook was founded, a website called Facemash began nonconsensually scraping pictures of students at Harvard from the school’s intranet and asking users to rate their hotness. Obviously, it caused an outcry. The website’s developer quickly proffered an apology. "I hope you understand, this is not how I meant for things […]

KUWTK Was Filming When Khlo Kardashian Heard Tristan News AND Gave Birth!

We’ve heard — and seen — a lot about Tristan Thompson and his alleged “serial cheater” ways over the past couple days. But we haven’t heard much from Khloe Kardashian herself. But we will. As she got hit with the news of the infidelity and went into labor, the KUWTK cameras were there! Photos: Khloé […]

Girl Does Not Realize Shes Sitting Next To The Guy Whose Music Shes Listening To, And It Escalates Hilariously

Many of us have daydreamed of running into our favorite actor or artist in a store, on our way somewhere, striking up a casual conversation or simply spilling our love and adoration to them right then and there. Well, last July one girl got incredibly lucky to sit next to her favorite musician, however, to her […]

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge

London has seen its murder rate increase recently.  (Reuters) The total number of murders in London has fluctuated over the years, but it’s risen by 38 percent since 2014. EX-RUSSIAN SPY POISONING A ‘NEW ERA OF WARFARE,’ UK OFFICIAL SAYS  The Sunday Times reports that FBI data and crime studies show that since 1800 London […]